Outlined by the European Union, Driver CPC training provides drivers with a particular set of standards which must be adhered to by those beginning their driving career as well as all drivers throughout their career. Thus, ensuring that high standards of driving competency is adhered to industry wide.

Those within the driving industry that drive a lorry, bus or coach, must do 35 hours initial training and following this, 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years; this ensures that they retain their Driver Certificate of Processional Competence (CPC). Without this training, you run the risk of being fined up to £1,000. Once you have completed your 35 hours of training you will then receive your Driver CPC card.

Initial qualifications

When starting a professional driving career, drivers will take a number of qualification tests, both theory and practical which ultimately lead to their full qualification.

Periodic testing

Following initial qualifications, drivers will then take part in periodic training. This training does not involve passes or fails, rather it is to ensure that drivers maintain driving best practice, abide by road laws and remain consistently competent.

How to get your CPC qualifications

In order to gain your driver CPC qualification you can only go through an approved Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training provider. Here at DriveForce we are an approved training body.

We cannot work with any driver without CPC qualifications, we want to encourage high standards of professional driving across the industry.

To ensure that all of our driving candidates remain fully qualified we encourage them to carry out their periodic training in stages over the five years; by doing this our drivers are not rushed at the end of the deadline to complete each course.  They are also able to spread the cost of their training by making small yearly payments with each module they take.

Contact DriveForce today with your driver CPC training requirements and help us to inspire high professional driving standards throughout the driving industry.