Ensuring you hire the ideal candidates is essential for any business, but it is particularly important to those businesses hiring drivers as there is a significant number of regulations that must be followed to ensure compliance with UK and EU laws.

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 driving skills employers are looking for when recruiting for a driving role:

Driving Skills

Excellent knowledge of traffic laws and regulations

It goes without saying, but professional drivers must fully understand the regulations of the road, this will also mean that drivers need to continually keep abreast of updated and new road laws and regulations.

Knowledge of motor vehicle functionality

Drivers should know at least the basics of their car, van, truck or lorry’s functionality so that they can adequately work all equipment within the vehicle, but also carry out minor repairs if necessary.

Excellent driving skills

Whilst it may seem like an obvious point to make, drivers must have excellent driving skills to ensure not only their own safety, but the safety of others on the road.

Knowledge of vehicle maintenance

Drivers need to be able to carry out maintenance on their vehicle when necessary to ensure that it is safe to drive, such as topping up water in the engine, ensuring lights work and checking oil levels.

Skilled in driving light and heavy vehicles

Whilst perhaps not essential for those drivers specialising in the driving of one particular type of vehicle, employers are now looking for drivers that have experience in driving both light and heavy vehicles. This makes the driver much more flexible in the work they can carry out and therefore save a company the cost of hiring an extra person.

Ability to work under pressure

It is essential that drivers can work under pressure and understand what to do in an emergency. Working under pressure may be working to strict time restrictions, driving through heavy traffic conditions or even understanding what to do if an accident occurs.

Customer service

More often than not your drivers will interact with your business’ customers and therefore they must have customer service skills.

Time management skills

Many drivers will be working to strict time deadlines, and therefore they must be able to manage their time well, this may mean ensuring they begin work on time, but also that they ensure they take all breaks necessary that are required under drivers’ hours regulations.

Ability to work alone

Driving a vehicle can be quite an isolating job and more often than not they will be working alone. Therefore, any drivers you hire must be able to work efficiently and happily on their own.


As drivers will often be spending long periods of time in the driver’s seat, as well as unloading and re-loading goods from a vehicle they ideally need to have good physical stamina.

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