For the driving and logistics industry effective planning is a key component to ensuring processes are streamlined and productive, from warehouse through to a driver reaching their destination.

Road improvements

There are numerous things that must be established prior to a journey, not least ensuring that the route a driver is scheduled to take is clear. The responsibility to ensure the safe planning of any work-related journey lies not only with the driver themselves but with managers, line managers and team leaders.

Being unprepared for a journey ahead may not only result in lost time, but it could also,

  • Add to the stress levels of the driver making the journey
  • Lead them to make impulsive changes to a route
  • And ultimately increase risk of accidents.

Of course, not all eventualities can be accounted for prior to a journey commencing, this is why it is vital that managers, line managers and team leaders are involved in the process. Drivers should be instructed to make regular contact with the business throughout their journey, of course only when taking a break from driving, so that they can be informed of anything that will potentially obstruct their journey.

Upcoming road upgrades

Planning a route prior to beginning a journey is of particular importance in light of major road upgrades that will be taking place on UK roads over the next few years. Over the past few years the government has put a number of schemes in place for updates to major carriageways in the UK.

The planned £23 billion upgrades to roads in England, in addition to countless other upgrades occurring across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, aims to provide drivers with reduced congestion, shorter journeys, increased capacity on roads and create better connections between communities.

For drivers and managers wanting to keep up-to-date with the latest roadworks and traffic situations, the Highways England website is a great tool to search for obstructions to your journey in England.

For further information on ensuring your drivers are working safely at all times take a look at ROSPA’s guide to a safe journey when driving for work.