The way we purchase products is changing, and logistics companies are having to work increasingly harder to keep up with the demands of modern consumers, who have come to expect much more from their delivery services.

Gone are the days when businesses could state that deliveries will take place within a certain timeframe or by a particular date. Now customers expect to have their products by the very next day, and therefore logistics businesses must stay abreast of demand in order to build a successful business.

Logistics sector

To tackle this trend businesses are now storing products across multiple warehouses throughout the country, so that products can be closer to consumers and enable these faster deliveries to take place.

Alongside next day delivery, consumers also like to be able to choose specific time slots in order to ensure they can be at home to receive the delivery, and prefer the option to track their order as the delivery is being made, requiring real time order tracking.

With almost total reliance on IT systems to collect, route and deliver items to meet consumer demand, from automatically assigning and physically loading products to each vehicle, through to trackable and timed delivery management, it simply wouldn’t be possible to plan efficient delivery services without increasingly sophisticated technology to support these logistical operations.

The increasing demands to improve customers delivery experiences shows no signs of slowing down, as many companies are now looking into same day delivery services to meet the consumers need for enhanced convenience. It’s been shown that customers are even happy to pay extra for this privilege, as this would combine the convenience of online shopping with the immediate product access of retail.

The logistics sector is continuing to adapt to this rise in demand as drones and autonomous vehicles are currently being tested by companies such as Amazon. However, parcel size and weight constraints are likely to limit this technology to small and lightweight packaging, and will likely require operation with the assistance of logistics specialists.

One main point that we take away from our findings is that the logistics sector is under increasing pressure to do better, become more efficient and much more convenient for the customer. With this in mind it is essential that businesses are employing an experienced and effective logistics workforce.

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