Lorry driving jobs

Upon registration, our driver candidates present their digital tachograph card; these cards let us know that drivers are complying with EU regulations. Here we explore what tachographs are and the importance they have for your business.

What are tachograph cards?

Tachograph vehicle units are used by those working in a driving role, they record information with regards to:

  • The number of hours driven
  • Breaks and rest periods
  • Speed
  • The distance a vehicle has travelled

This thereby ensures that a driver and their employer are following EU regulation on drivers’ hours (the set number of hours and breaks that drivers are legally obliged to take in their role).

Why is it important to your business?

We ensure that all of our driving candidates have a digital tachograph card and review information on each as a priority, only those candidates with excellent records on their tachograph cards are chosen by us.

This ensures that we provide our clients with the highest quality candidates that have demonstrated compliance with drivers’ hours’ regulations, thereby providing significant benefit to your business.

Sanctions against drivers and businesses that fail to comply with regulations can include:

  • Verbal warnings
  • Offence rectification notice
  • Prohibition
  • Fixed penalties and deposits
  • Prosecution
  • Referral to the traffic commissioner

It is essential that your business understands and complies with tachograph rules, and that your drivers are experienced and knowledgeable on industry regulations.

Speak to Drive Force today about your driver recruitment needs, and let us demonstrate how excellent driver candidates will have a significant positive impact on your business.