Our drivers cover thousands of miles every day, but beating rising fuel costs has become a real challenge!

Because drivers aren’t involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ logistics, we bet they could only begin to guess at how much it takes to keep the wheels rolling, but it’s vital everyone has an understanding, so we can ensure a healthy company future.

Just as with any vehicle, there are tyres, insurance and general maintenance, but when logistics is your lifeline, it’s the fuel costs that a business literally lives and dies by.

That’s why drivers with a genuine appreciation of these factors are our strongest assets – those who drive well, and are aware of opportunities to reduce fuel use (and vehicle emissions), meaning we can all stay afloat.

Whatever vehicle you drive, it’s helpful to know how it all scans out. Currently – fuel accounts for around 48% of the operating costs. But it’s easy to bring this down, by making really small adjustments.

For example, each 5mph over 60 mph, is like paying an additional 20p per litre for fuel. With all of our hundreds of drivers, that’s an 82% saving on running costs we could make, literally taking things a little easier.

Idling time is another key area. If you know you’re going to be waiting in line for over 5 minutes, just turning off would be another easy way to save fuel.

These two areas require no strain whatsoever, but have huge impact on the end result. And when operating costs go down, the business gets stronger.

And that’s the key bit. A strong business, means better prospects and more long-term employment for the workforce.