Despite the fact that the UK is now basking in the sunshine and warmer weather, roads across the country still bear the marks left behind by the severe winter weather of earlier this year.

Following extended periods of bad weather and numerous storms, including the ‘Beast from the East’, there are countless potholes marring the UK’s roads. Damage to these roads are so bad that, according to the RAC, breakdowns due to pothole related damage had doubled in the weeks following the ‘Beast from the East’. At the time, local councils, were trying to quickly mend road damage, with research finding that a pothole was fixed every 19 seconds during the severe weather.


With summer very nearly upon us, councils are busy taking advantage of the weather to prepare for the coming winter months, ensuring that roads are not only fixed but are adequately protected from any severe weather in the future.

As a result of this, the government has announced that it will make £100 million available to local councils to aid them in the repairs of an estimated 2 million potholes on local roads across the UK. This money is in addition to £75 million already provided to councils by the Pothole Action Fund, and £46 million for the highways authorities.

In addition to this, the government is also investing a substantial amount of money towards innovating the way in which councils manage and plan maintenance works on the UK’s roads, such as the ability to detect potholes before they even appear.

Blackpool Council, for example, has been given £100,000 to begin work on a ‘digital inspector scheme’ alongside 8 other councils. The scheme will see HD cameras mounted onto vehicles that will subsequently travel throughout the regions roads, collecting data on road and footpath conditions. This data will subsequently be analysed by a computer to determine areas in which roads are deteriorating.

Investment in the UK’s roads is vital to the safety of all roads users, and therefore for our team here at DriveForce, the announcement is a positive step forward that will ultimately benefit the safety of drivers we recruit.

More information on the investment made for each local council can be found here.